Feelin’ the Love {Mansfield, Ohio Family and Child Photographer}…

This session had me feeling the love… in several ways.

For starters, I love when I have repeat clients. That is the highest form of compliment to me and I so greatly appreciate it. These beautiful girls were on the blog a year ago, when the youngest was celebrating her first birthday.


She’s gotten just a tad bigger, don’t you think?:)



Those eyes got me last year, and got me again this year. So beautiful!!

I also love how these big sisters still dote on their younger sister. And how she looks to them all like a mother. They are so wonderful with her. Such a fun sight to see!


I also love how unique each of these girls are, in personality and looks. And yet, they are all so beautiful.



And I love how clients become friends.  I knew this Momma in high school but lost touch for several years, until I took their photos last year.  I had mentioned at our session that I would be out of town for the marathon last week.  It was a complete surprise, yet it meant a lot to me that the night before the marathon I got the sweetest text from her wishing me luck. Talk about feeling the love :).


Thank you all for allowing me to capture your moments again this year.  Thank you for your flexibility with the weather.  Thank you for making time on such a busy Sunday for you all!  Thank you for all being so sweet.  Thank you for your text. It meant a lot to me. I just think you all are great. xoxo.


Family Fun {Mansfield, Ohio Extended Family Photographer}…

Now that it’s over, I’m going to admit something… I was super nervous for this session.  Not necessarily about the session itself, but that all the logistics worked out.  You see, this was an extended family session. I have done a couple of those this year and find that I really enjoy them… there are a mess of people, they are a bit chaotic and go by extremely quickly but they are also full of love and laughter and good times… all things that make for wonderful images.

Okay, I digressed there… but am getting back on track. I was nervous because we had one family coming from the Cleveland area, one family from the Dayton area and then one from the Mansfield area.  And we only had this one weekend to do the session, with really no other available weekends this calendar year.  Well really, one evening the rest of this calendar year.  Weather.com was definitely a site I visited several times a day, everyday that week.  I know the daughter of this family did the same.  And wouldn’t you know it… the night of the planned session was dreary and 24 mph winds.  Wind and long hair do not mix (and dreary isn’t so fun either).  But this family was great…even though they hadn’t packed for it, they decided to all have an impromptu sleepover and do the session early the next morning, when the weather was looking much better.

And it was much better.  So much better that I’d consider it almost perfect.  And definitely worth the wait because where the sun rose was in such a great location for the shoot.


To make it an even better session, this one was one of those that I cannot wait to get home and upload my photos… I may have even sneaked a peak or two on my way home… because I knew the images were going to be that good and that this was going to be one of my favorite sessions from 2013.  And I wasn’t disappointed.



But then it is easy to have a great session when everyone is as good looking and fun loving as this family…


Plus, I would like to give a great shout out to the daughter of this family for her coordinating of outfits. It is hard in a large group but she did a great job!  The family looked great together and great for this location.  I loved how she sent texts and emails to me about outfit ideas… such a great way to ensure the outfit selection works (plus, I love helping people plan their wardrobes for sessions… so it’s an added bonus for me :)).


I just love how you can feel the love with this whole, large extended family!



Thank you all for rearranging your schedules at the very last minute… it was so worth it :). Thanks for having so many great ideas for the session. Thanks for working so hard to make sure everyone was so coordinated.  Thanks for allowing your kids to just be their normal selves around me… including telling some pretty funny jokes.  :)Thank you for allowing me the honor of capturing such a special milestone in your family’s history.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.. I truly had no reason to be nervous!!


Can’t wait for you all to see the rest!! xoxo

Senior Sweetness {Mansfield, Ohio Senior Photographer}…

I’m bbbbaaaacccckkk!!  I’ve missed my blogging and showing my beautiful clients and a bit about their lives on this site.  If you follow along with me on Facebook at all, you’ll know the reason why I was on a brief blogging hiatus… I had the awesome opportunity to run the ING New York City Marathon this past weekend.  So I spent a lot of time in the last few weeks running and gearing up for the race. I ran it this past Sunday.  Considering it’s still painful to walk, putting up some pretty images tonight sounds like the perfect idea.

And I get to start with this sweet Senior…


And when I say sweet… I mean SUPER sweet… an absolute doll. I absolutely loved spending time chatting with her and finding out about her and her bright future upon graduation.



Another thing that made this such a fun session was that this sweet gal was up for anything I asked during this session…


…even if she thought I was a tad crazy :)…


She didn’t come alone to the shoot… her sister and nephew joined in on the fun so, of course, we had to capture a quick shot with them as well…


Thank you for choosing me to do your senior photos.  Thank you for being so sweet, nice and polite.  Thank you for choosing a location that had special meaning to you.  I wish you all the best of luck in your very bright future!!

{Check your email in a bit too… your slideshow is coming your way :)}


Happiness to My Soul…

As 2013 is rapidly coming to a close (how can that be…didn’t it just start?!?!?!) I have begun thinking about DFP Photography and the direction I plan on taking it in 2014. There will definitely be some changes. I am really excited about them and the direction DFP Photography will be taking.  Of course, change is hard and scary but also can be necessary and wonderful and freeing!!

This session… oh how I loved this session… for so, so many reasons. One huge reason is that it helped me confirm in my head what I have known now for a few weeks in my heart about what direction to take with DFP Photography. This session was happiness to my soul. It was just so perfect.

This family was so full of fun…


and love…



and obviously so enjoy spending time with one another…



And I caught myself several times thinking how awesome it was that these adorable kiddos (whom I absolutely adore!!) have all these adults who love them so (including me :)), want to spend time with them and even spoil them just a bit…




Thank you all for deciding you wanted a family session and for allowing me the honor to do it!  Thank you for being so much fun… for having so many wonderful ideas of your own… and for going with them without any direction from me.  Thank you for so easily showing your love with one another and for your constant laughter with each other.  Thank you for helping restore the happiness in my soul… you all helped me and DFP Photography more than you realize :).  You all know my family and I absolutely adore every one of you and can’t wait to watch our kiddos grow up together. xoxo

{PS – watch your inboxes… your slideshow with more images will be delivered in a few days :)}

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Lisa Kelly - Oh Dawn, I can just FEEL the love in these images! That is the best kind of photography, the authentic moments and love captured and kept forever! So happy for your “new direction” and that you have the guts to go for it! Mucho congratulations!! <3

Double the Fun {Mansfield, Ohio Child Photographer}…

I’ve almost wrapped up blogging about my Back to School sessions (I only have my own kiddos left).  Back to School sessions are some of my very favorite all year. I just love them.  This session was a hybrid session… not truly a Back to School and not truly a Mini-Session… but a bit of both… So maybe that means it was double the fun :).


Their Momma wanted to get a good shot or two for Christmas cards. We managed to grab a few, including this one…


But what really made this session fun is how these kiddos interacted. They were cracking me up.  They defined how I think of siblings interacting and I loved having the chance to witness it.  They definitely allowed me to capture the perfectly imperfect moments of their lives… these are some of my favorite images from the session because they are so natural… and they just make me smile and chuckle… every.single.time I see them…


Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to do this session.  Thank you for allowing me to capture these special ages of the kiddos. Thank you, thank you, thank you  for allowing me double the fun this session :).