DFP Photography – Unveiled…

If you are new to my page… WELCOME!!  If you have been here to this page before… WELCOME BACK & THANK YOU!!  And if you have been visiting this page since the very beginning… WELCOME BACK, THANK YOU & WOW!!… I’m sure you notice a very different look for DFP Photography.  DFP Photography has come a long way since my Blogspot blog first launched in late 2011!!

From Blogspot DFP Photography migrated to WordPress.  I contracted for a design.  A design I still love for several reasons… with one of the most important reasons being I loved the color scheme… the strong red and plum colors that were across my brand.

However, I realized after taking a photography business marketing class last winter that anyone could have that color scheme, that look, that branding… anyone.  I don’t want DFP Photography to be known as any photographer. I want DFP Photography to stand out… and this website is a large part of that because this might be the first place y’all come to find out a little bit about DFP Photography… and me!

So, I got to thinking (and maybe obsessing) just a bit over what says “DFP Photography.” What reflects what is important to me to show to all of you…how you can see this business and me through my branding.  I came up with all kinds of corny things… my instructor told me essentially to relax and just let it come to me. And then it did… it had been there in front of me the entire time, I just hadn’t allowed myself to see it…

A yellow tandem bicycle. It was so easy… how could I have not seen it before?

A bicycle… one of my first loves.  My mom would tell a story from when I was little of how determined I was to ride my bicycle with no training wheels. I would not quit until I knew how.  And then, of course, the time I won a bicycle for raising the most money in a school fundraiser… a red ten speed.  One I had to have my dad put together immediately. He may or may not had an issue putting together the bicycle and so there may or may not have been a crash involving defectively put together handle bars.  I remember that bike very well… for all the wrong reasons :).  Or the green Trek I just had to have in college to ride around campus. I even got our sorority to dedicate a room in the house as the bike room, because I just could not stand the bike outside in the rain.  And then my baby before my babies… my yellow Giant TCR2 road bike.  I loved that thing. LOVED it!! I road it for miles, all over this area and on the roads next to the Kentucky bluegrass.  I rode it until I sold it when my oldest son was born… something I still regret to this day because I now live in the perfect place to ride that yellow road bike.

Then came the yellow tandem bicycle.  The one my father-in-law sent me to buy while he was here from out of state helping assemble my boys’ play set.  My father-in-law loved bicycles even more that I did, oftentimes to my mother-in-law’s dismay, because he would just randomly come home with one…even if it was in pretty bad shape. He just loved bicycles, loved collecting them and was fortunate enough to have the space to grow his collection.  He found this yellow tandem bicycle on Craigslist in our town.  He lived out of state but occasionally checked our local listings just to see if there were any “must have” bikes here.  So I happily went and purchased this yellow tandem bike for no other reason than he wanted it.

He might have only road his yellow tandem bicycle once… when I took these photos of he and my mother-in-law.  We did this shoot 2 days before he started chemotherapy, to fight a cancer only recently discovered.  I desperately wanted photos of him and our young boys before he started what would prove to be the most difficult fight of his life.  And it just seemed right to incorporate his love of both my mother-in-law and bicycles in these photos.



He passed away 3 months later.

We did our family photos 1 month later, in my in-laws hometown, with my favorite photographer.  Our grieving was heavy. It still is.  So it only felt right to have a part of him in our photos… so that every time we look at the photos we think of him… it might be a smile, a laugh or even a tear… but it allows us always to remember.  I am forever grateful for these photos… and for a yellow tandem bicycle.



Tandem Bicycle Session Images Credit to Priscilla B Photography

A yellow tandem bicycle… showing the importance of determination, of hard work, of hobbies and interests, of family, of love, of capturing memories… all the emotions and moments DFP Photography shoots to capture during a session.

A yellow tandem bicycle… it’s DFP Photography…and me. During all the time I spent brainstorming for the perfect way to describe both… it was right in front of me!

I hope you love the new look of DFP Photography… I know I do :).


A special shout out to Shalonda of Chubby Cheek Photography for helping me find the perfect path to take DFP Photography and to Ashley, of Laynie and Belle, for listening to my ideas and my vision and incorporating it perfectly.

Ashley was also awesome enough to fix the issues I had with my subscribers receiving these posts via email.  If you previously subscribed and would like to resubscribe or if you are new to DFP Photography and don’t want to miss a post (I promise not to clog your inbox), please visit here to sign up. Thanks everyone… DFP Photography is looking forward to a wonderful 2014.

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Barbara - I love the new look, Dawn! Thank you for sharing the story behind the look. As always, your writing pulled me in and gave me both tears and the warm fuzzies. Your yellow tandem bike really is perfect <3 Congratulations!

3 Generations…

While I hadn’t planned to when I started 2013, I found myself being asked… and saying yes… to a few extended family sessions last year.  This session was one of them.  And looking back at these photos tonight… they made me long for the nice weather {even though you actually won’t hear me complain about this weather… I keep remembering that it is helping control the insect population… which is a good thing to me… so I’m still okay with it!}.  But actually on this day the weather was touch and go but luckily still allowed us to get this session in…




The children in this family surprised their parents with a photo session for Christmas… and then I was so honored when I was asked to be the photographer that did the session and captured this family in this moment in time of their lives. And I thought it was so touching that they picked a location very meaningful to their family.





I mean I don’t even know what to say about all of these… except I’m in love with them…




And one thing I love about these sessions are they are a bit chaotic, a bit crazy but full of lots of love and laughter and good times.









Thank you all for giving me the honor of doing your extended family photos.  I had so much fun and loved everything about doing this session… and love you all too! xoxo


If you are interested in a Heirloom Session for your extended family, you can find more information here.

Moment in Time {Mansfield, Ohio Family and Child Photographer}…

As you all might know, I am a bit partial to 2 boy families :). They just make me smile.  I am always intrigued in watching how brothers interact… no matter the ages.  And this cute family was no exception.  Their boys were absolutely adorable.

This little guy kept me on my toys… much like my youngest boy…



And his little brother was just adorable…




Such sweet brothers…


Momma wanted some family shots as well for this new family of four…



And, one of my very favorites of 2013. Maybe this is his true feeling of having a new brother… ha.


That photo makes me smile every time I see it :).

Thank you all for making the drive for the session. Thank you for allowing me to capture your boys.  Thank you for letting your little big guy be himself.  Thank you for being such fun to work with! I had a great time.

Laughter and Love {Mansfield, Ohio Child & Family Photographer}..

First off, let me say Happy 2014!!  I hope you all have had a wonderful start to the new year!! I must admit though that I thought 2013 was a pretty great year, especially for DFP Photography.  There was so much I loved about last year and all the wonderful sessions I did… including this one…

This family was definitely full of laughter and love.  I think they laughed the entire session, especially the Momma.  She had this wonderful deep laugh, the kind where I found myself laughing right along side of her, even though we had just met.  It’s infectious!


See, just look at her great laugh… doesn’t it make you feel like you are right there with her, sharing in her fun?!?! And to continue on with that laugh, I absolutely loved watching she and her husband interact.  It was obvious how strong their marriage is… you could just feel their love and see how much fun they have together…


What a joy to witness!

Her kiddos were great too… they made my job completely easy.  Momma commented a couple of times how quickly this session went and, really, it was because they were just so easy to photograph.  And she had me prepared. Prior to the session she described each child to me and the descriptions were spot on at the time of the session.

The serious intellectual…


The sweet doer…


The witty leader… (and even though I thought he was pretty funny, I just love this serious shot of him)


The joyful dancer…


Such unique personalities yet all great children… a great family!


Thank you for all your planning for the session.  Thank you for taking the time to let me know about your kiddos.  Thank you for all your laughter… and love. It was such fun to watch.  Thanks for making the session literally seem like it took 5 minutes.  Thanks for all your enthusiasm.  I cannot wait to work with you all again:)


A little bit of 2014 housekeeping :).  If you had a 2013 session and it has not been blogged yet, keep on the lookout… it will be blogged soon.

Also, if you are interested in booking a session with DFP Photography this year, please contact me for investment information, as I am doing things a bit differently this year.  DFP Photography is in the process of getting a new look {one that is close to my heart, completely says ME and has me so excited I could scream… and maybe did just a bit when I saw the preview!! :)} and my plan is to have everything unveiled at one time.  Feel free to keep checking back to the investment page for details as well.

Thank you again to everyone that helped make 2013 so great. I feel so incredibly blessed and cannot wait to see what 2014 holds!


A 40th Birthday Surprise {Mansfield, Ohio Child Photographer… and Secret Keeper}…

I’ve been chomping at the bit to share this session.  So wanting to tell someone about it.  But I was sworn to secrecy about it… until last night… when secret became no longer needed to be kept a secret.   So today I share it with you all!

And wives, get ready to let out a collective “awwww… what an awesome husband” and men, get ready to let out a collective “man, I’ve got to step up my game” because this secret is just that awesome.

Dad contacted me a few months ago.  He wanted to give his wife, these kiddos’ momma, a great 40th birthday present.  She had been wanting family photos.  He didn’t want to give her solely a present of family photos… but rather photos to announce she was getting family photos for her 40th birthday.  I mean… simply awesome!!

We decided to decorate a cake to celebrate her and her big birthday surprise…



These kiddos were so into it.  They were such fun to watch decorate the cake. Oh, and they were complete champs because it was FREEZING. I mean seriously FREEZING but they never once complained.  Instead, they laughed and smiled the entire time.  They had the best laughs… joyful and deep.  They were absolute joys and I was so completely impressed by their behavior. You can tell they are great kiddos.



They did  a great job with the decorating the cake… and then blowing out the candles, of course :)…




As much as I loved watching them decorate the cake, it wasn’t my favorite moment of the session.  Dad had a request, he asked to be in one photo.  He wanted to pray over the cake and bless his wife, their family and her upcoming birthday.  I was such an honor to witness such a special and private moment.



I told you… these are special kiddos… part of a special family!



I hope Momma loved her birthday surprise last night!  And I’m so glad I finally got to share these images!!!


Thank you for allowing me to take part in such a special birthday surprise.  Thank you for allowing me to work with your children… I left the session immensely impressed with them. Thank you for allowing me to witness such a special part of your family’s daily lives… it literally took my breath away for a moment. Thank you for allowing me to catch a glimpse of the deep love you have for your wife.  Thank you for being so proactive in every part of the planning of this session.  I truly enjoyed working with you three and cannot wait for the family session!!


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Jaena - Dawn….I absolutely was blown away by the photos you took of my family!! Thank you so much for your kind words as well. I will treasure these pictures for the rest of my life!!