The Future Is Yours {Mansfield, Ohio Senior Photographer}…

Some young people you just know will be successful in life.  This beautiful young lady is one of those people.  She has drive, determination and goals.  She has fought cancer… and won.  She has cheered her heart out, while maintaining good grades. She has made sure two families feel loved and is so kind to young children who look up to her.  She is hardworking and has a clear path to what she wants to do in her future.  She is sensitive and considerate.  She is funny but also serious.  She is a joy to be around.











Sweet lady, it has been an absolute pleasure watching you grow up.  It has been wonderful watching you transform from an adorable little girl who danced like crazy at our wedding to a beautiful young lady that is sure about what she wants in life.  I know this future is going to be so bright for you.  I can’t wait to watch it unfold!! We love you so!!

Like Our Own {Mansfield, Ohio Family and Children Photographer}…

This family… I just love them so…


They are “that” family… our wonderful friends… but those friends that aren’t quite appropriate to call “friends” because they really are more like family.  The pick up our children in a pinch, open invite of trick-or-treating yearly in their neighborhood, emergency contact on school forms, our children are always welcome in their home friends.

Mom is sweet and spicy and full of life.  Truthful, unapologetic, completely loyal and her children’s biggest advocates.  And the girl has great taste in shoes and accessories :). Dad is quietly kind, big hearted, my son’s best and favorite soccer coach.  Totally hardworking, also impressively loyal and the perfect balance of being appropriately demanding yet supportive.  Their gorgeous daughter is shy but sweet, a girly-girl fashionista yet a complete force to be reckon with on the soccer field.  Quiet like her dad yet spunky like her mom.  She is my youngest son’s patient playmate and my oldest son’s big sister he’s never had.  Their son is spunky, confident, fast as lightening and smart as a whip.  He is our third child, could spend all day at our house and I don’t know he’s here, extension of our family.  He is my oldest son’s first and longest friend, his best friend.

They are our family and we love them so…



















Thank you for again entrusting me to take your photos. Thank you for being so good to us.  Thank you for loving our boys.  Thank you for loving us.  Thank you for being our family. We adore you guys. xoxo.

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The Beauty of Moments in Time {Mansfield, Ohio Momma… and Photographer}…

I had my camera out for a session the other day.  It was sitting on my desk, awaiting the photos being transferred to my computer.  Yet, it wasn’t time yet, as I had a very important date.  A date I get to experience almost every single evening.  One of the very favorite parts of my days.  I started that date as I always do, side by side next to my oldest little guy… him reading his book… and me reading mine.  He crosses off a nightly homework requirement.  Me – I just enjoy this moment with my little boy that is all too quickly becoming not so little.  I hadn’t been getting my camera out as often these days. Life is busy.  To be honest, life is crazy busy.  But in a  great way. A way I would never change because amidst all that craziness is lots of new experiences, love and laughter.  But I do miss capturing some moments.  And so as I was reading, with my camera sitting nearby, I decided I had to capture this moment in time… because I know it is fleeting and someday this little guy will want to read on his own, without me.  But, thankfully we aren’t there yet….


April Showers Bring May Flowers {Mansfield, Ohio Child & Family Photographer}…

Of course my first sneak peak of 2014 must have a title reflecting this year’s weather.  We all know it’s been a crazy one that has affected so much… including this session.  Momma has the best idea.  She wants one session in each of the four seasons.  We have already done the fall session and had planned spring for this one.  And Momma most definitely wanted Kingwood Center.  One problem though was on our first scheduled date the flowers hadn’t really bloomed, since spring came so late.  So we rescheduled for last weekend… and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!!


And this session went so well that I am having the hardest time narrowing down their images…which is an awesome problem to have.


So here I have been almost every night this week thinking “I just have to keep this image too.” Yep, a great problem to have!!


I’ve learned when you have 4 kiddos, things are active.  This family was very active in our first session, keeping me on my toes.  I love that. I love capturing moments that might seem a bit crazy at the time… but those are the moments that capture the essence of each individual family.  This family was no different.  I just loved them. They were funny, sweet and, most importantly, real!! I felt like I was getting to see them in their element… and it was just plain awesome because then I was able to catch moments like these…



{PS… the sweet little girl in blue… well, she had spent part of the day in the ER for a fall, including hurting her knee… so I just could not bring myself to take that band aid out of the photo… it screams perfection for the moment to me!}


For our first session, we went to Momma and Dad’s wedding reception location.  For this session, they wanted to recreate a photo from their wedding day, but now including their kids…


Thank you to you all… I truly adore each and every one of you.  Thank you for allowing your kiddos to be themselves.  Thank you for trusting my judgment when I was saying “it’s all good, let them be.”  Thank you for being flexible with planning the date.  Thank you for your idea of a session in each season… I’m flattered and honored you are choosing me to capture these times in your lives.  I love working with you all and can’t wait to do it again!!




Please check your inbox in a few days for the slideshow of all your images!! I’ll figure out a way to narrow them down…hopefully :).

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dawn - absolutely precious, beautiful, loving photos of an amazing family!

Savoring the Small Moments {Mansfield, Ohio Photographer and Momma}…

I don’t have to tell you all this… y’all already know… life goes too quickly. Moments pass by too quickly.  My children grow faster than I like.

But every once in awhile I find myself stopping in my tracks… so thankful to catch small moments that I so want to savor.  I found myself doing that on Saturday.  I walked out of our bedroom first thing in the morning to find this…



My youngest son… so very eager to play soccer.  He has been asking to play for over a year… wanting to be just like his big brother… wanting to do everything like his big brother.  And Saturday was finally the time.

I savored my oldest son explaining so nicely and patiently how to put on shin guards and socks.  I savored my youngest son hanging on every word.  Simply, I savored this moment in time.