Our Moment. My Family. {Mansfield, Ohio Momma & Photo Lover}…

A few weeks ago I woke up to the nicest surprise. The type of surprise where throughout the day you catch yourself smiling just thinking about it. You see, I read all these nice things my very favorite photographer, and one of my very favorite people, had to say about our family… and I got to fall in love all over again with the photos we had taken this summer…


I’ve thought a lot of these photos this evening.  I think I will every year on this date.  As you might have guessed, I love photos.  I love photos of my boys… all 3 of them.  And I love photos of me with my boys. So often, as you’ve read before, I find myself behind the camera… capturing those boys I love so much. Watching them in the moment.  Capturing them in the moment.  But not truly enjoying the moment because I am too busy capturing it.  I vowed to myself that I would find a way to be in the moment with my boys.  That I would always make it a priority to practice what I preach… to be in photos with my boys.  But last year I failed.  Completely failed.  I desperately wanted photos of my whole family.  I advocated for others to have their family photos taken.  Yet, I was unable to find time to have ours taken.  I was unable to make time to travel south to see the only person I allow to photograph our family.  I got too busy running and taking other families’ photos, that before I knew it the year was over and I had not done any professional photos of our family.  I was completely disappointed.  Truly saddened that I had not made time for our photos. My husband saw how disappointed I was and said that in 2014 we would make it a priority.

And we did.  I booked our session in January.  It was going to happen.

And when it did, it was everything I had hoped…and more.

We visited a location that holds good memories of time past.


We laughed.


We goofed around.


We let the kids be kids.


We let the kids show their individual personalities.




We channeled our inner super heroes.



We got wet.



We were reminded of the importance of having Mom in the photos.


Most importantly, we loved.






I am forever thankful for these photos.  For the capturing of a moment of a time.  For the reminder that life is fleeting… sometimes gone quicker than imagined. For the desire to to remember these times…while were are able… these moments… these life stages of my family.  I want to be in photos so that my boys can someday look back and see I was so very present. So very in love with being their mom… with watching them change and grow… with watching them being true to themselves and their personalities.  For just being with them.

I am forever thankful for my dear friend, Cilla.  For her eye.  For her allowing us to be us… to show our good moments of laughter and {if you look very closely} our not-so-good moments of thinking “I can’t believe this is happening right now,” “I’ve already heard this story a 1000 times” and “I’m so over this moment.”  For her capturing our love… and our bond.  For her capturing our playfulness… our occasional chaos… and even our seriousness.  I am convinced that with any other photographer the image of our oldest son giving me bunny ears while I’m carrying our youngest son like a sack would have ended up in the trash… but Cilla knows us… knows that is us and who we are…good, bad, organized and not so organized…and knew it would be one of my absolute very favorite images from the session… because it captures the real and true us.  So thank you for simply allowing us to be.

So, people, as I’ve said before… get out there. Capture memories… no matter if it’s with an iPhone or session with a professional photographer. Cherish the moments… big and small.  And Mommas out there, get in those photos :).

{Please click here to read Cilla’s original post that oh-so made my day}

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