Savoring the Small Moments {Mansfield, Ohio Photographer and Momma}…

I don’t have to tell you all this… y’all already know… life goes too quickly. Moments pass by too quickly.  My children grow faster than I like.

But every once in awhile I find myself stopping in my tracks… so thankful to catch small moments that I so want to savor.  I found myself doing that on Saturday.  I walked out of our bedroom first thing in the morning to find this…



My youngest son… so very eager to play soccer.  He has been asking to play for over a year… wanting to be just like his big brother… wanting to do everything like his big brother.  And Saturday was finally the time.

I savored my oldest son explaining so nicely and patiently how to put on shin guards and socks.  I savored my youngest son hanging on every word.  Simply, I savored this moment in time.


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